Live Below The Line challenge day 4

I cheated. 

There, I admitted it. 

I cracked and bought a coffee before my Pilates class this morning. I’m sorry but I LITERALLY couldn’t help myself. 

And it made me think – I spent £2.40 on my coffee this morning – that would have been two and a half day’s worth budget for this challenge. Ridiculous. 

But, post-coffee the world seemed a bit jollier to be honest. I had a few spoons of Tuesday’s leftover Lentil Dahl for my lunch with a dollop of yoghurt. And tonight we had a bean soup with a slice of (very stale) bread that I made at the beginning of the week. And everything tastes pretty much the same – like un-seasoned, brown mush. Hmmm.

With that in mind, I would very much like to know which TOTAL SADIST scheduled this LBTL challenge to coincide with the bloody MasterChef finals? I have now spent the last three nights watching people preparing THE most amazing food while gazing wistfully at my brown mush. Although, to be honest, the beyond-parody ‘Vintage Beetroot with Fennel Meringue’ from last night’s programme would probably not be my first choice of post-challenge dish. 

Anyway, I’ve got a previous arrangement for dinner with friends tomorrow night so I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to be having an illicit night off. My last slice of stale bread and tasteless carrot soup tomorrow won’t seem quite as bad, knowing I can dive into Steak Frites for dinner. 

x x 

PS. I will be completing a final challenge day on Tuesday as penance for having a half-day on Friday…

PPS. If you still want to sponsor me (even after my Flat White Failure), please click here

PPPS. Yay for Natalie who won MasterChef in the end, who was my fave and who had nothing to do with the vintage beetroot… 


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