LBTL day 3: poverty tourism and headaches.

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how the LBTL Challenge is ‘Poverty Tourism’ – how we are dipping our toes in the water, safe in the knowledge that there’s a Flat White & Almond Croissant shaped light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t like the expression or the connotations but it is, to an extent, true. I have the luxury of being able to live like this temporarily, I know it won’t be forever and am SO looking forward to a MASSIVE BACON SANDWICH at the end of the week. And that’s the thing. Of course you can endure a week of living on £1 a day but if you live like this In Real Life there is no end, this is how you live. When Iain Duncan Smith claimed he could live on the £53 a week that some benefit claimants receive I think it was Caitlin Moran who said that the horror of this type of poverty wasn’t being able to live on £53 a week but the thought of this being the case indefinitely.

I totally agree.

So, a little update on how it’s all going here. Yesterday was alright: breakfast was toast using the increasingly stale homemade bread. A spoonful of leftover dahl for lunch. And a basic spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner. It’s fine actually but I feel a bit grumpy, I’ve got a bit of a sore throat and have a low-level headache. I imagine this has something to do with the fact that I MUST HAVE COFFEE NOW!!!! Sorry didn’t mean to shout…. I also usually eat more fresh fruit and veg than I have been so maybe that’s why I feel thirsty? Today I skipped breakfast as I’m running out of bread and went straight to lunch with toast and a few spoonfuls of the pasta sauce I made yesterday (kinda bruschetta….). Tonight I’m going to make some kind of bean burger thing so have with some more of the pasta sauce – I’m actually quite excited by this as at least it’ll have some crunch and texture. Sigh.

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