Disco Jam

Apologies in advance to anyone who gets this jam as a present from me and for whom the surprise is now ruined…

I have wanted to do this for ages! I saw a Dan Lepard recipe for ‘Plum Glitter Jam’ on the BBC Food website and immediately thought it was the most Christmassy thing ever. So today I made my own using a kilo of quite sad looking pears from Whitechapel market which I got for £1 plus some leftover apples, some fresh ginger, a squeeze of lemon, some jam sugar and of course a good teaspoon of edible glitter. I used about 2 kilos of fruit to about a kilo of sugar and that seems to have worked pretty well. It IS quite sweet – I think the pears were super-sweet – but it’s pretty tasty.

My only concern is whether I should have used more glitter – I am, naturally, of the opinion that you can never have too much sparkle.

I’m wonder if the jam-making ladies of the W.I. would agree.

A close up of the sparkles



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