Best Bread in the World

The best bread in the world, according to me:

1. Loggos village (in Paxos) bakery bread

2. St John Bread & Wine Sourdough bread

3. The flatbread used to wrap Souvlaki at the Ekali Club in Athens

4. Zenghi flatbread (now renamed Fatbread!)

5. A Scottish “morning roll” at my Grandma’s house when I was 5 – spread thickly with butter and lemon curd.

I love bread. It is without doubt my downfall food. I could happliy eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love thickly sliced hot buttered toast, I love doorstep sandwiches using last nights roast dinner leftovers. I love pillowy white bloomers with homemade jam and cream cheese and I love chewy sourdough dunked in spicy olive oil and vinegar. I love hot pitta bread with hummous and taramasalata and I love nutty, grainy seeded bread with chunks of cheddar and tomato. I love sliced white bread cheese on toast and I love toasted Poilane with homemade pate.

Do you know, I could actually carry this on for hours…

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have recently had some genuinely brilliant bread. As you head south away from Spitalfields down towards the the ropier end of Commercial Street there’s an Iraqui/Syrian restaurant called Zengi. It’s a nice little place – all booths and cubby holes downstairs and an open kitchen upstairs. They don’t sell booze but you can bring your own with you. And the food is really good and really cheap – lots of interesting mezze dishes (the chicken livers and the broad beans were both delicious and were £4 each). But the crowing glory is the bread. They have one of those tandoor/pizza-oven thingys where they churn out puffy disc after disc of the fattest, fluffiest flatbread I’ve ever had. I watched them make it, mesmerised, as they mopped their little oven with a wet mop (presumably to generate some steam?) and then pat out puffy little rounds of dough and slide them into the oven for a couple of minutes and then slide out the fat golden circles, cut into quarters and pile the pieces into a basket. They are amazing – full of air but also chewy and pillowy. The boyfriend and I ate 2 baskets of the bread (as well as plenty of other food) because we literally couldn’t stop eating it. Amazing, give it a go if you are in the area.


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