Choux Buns filled with Vanilla Ricotta & Candied Peel

I know.

Let’s just pretend the hiatus never happened and just get on with this shall we.

So. Here goes.

I don’t often do puddings but this idea has been lurking in the back of my head for ages and I finally got around to making it today.

I love Sicilian Cannoli but have a pathologic fear of deep-frying so would never be tempted to make the little rolls myself – so these little Choux fellows seemed to be a good compromise. I think the choux seed was sown because we often make delicious little Gougeres at work – little Choux pastry buns made with a strong gruyere or cheddar – they are an addictive nibble and I have become somewhat intrigued by their fluffy loveliness.

So I turned to Delia. She seemed like the right sort of person to approach with pastry questions, someone who knows all the scary baking things that I avoid because they seem a bit tricky and scientific. Someone who will have a no-fail recipe and someone who probably has some sound advice about the optimal temperature of your hands when making pastry. And, if I’m completely honest, I turned to Delia because she was the first thing that came up after typing “Choux Pastry Recipe” into Google…

But they worked a treat so I can only direct you to Delia’s excellent recipe here and take no credit for it whatsoever. I will say that the buns were incredibly easy to make and quite good fun!

I made the Cannoli filling up really – so it’s not in anyway authentic but it IS very yummy.
1 tub supermarket ricotta
1 teaspoon caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon candied peel
Approx 3 tablespoons whipped cream

I just folded all the ingredients together and dropped a big spoonful into each little bun. Probably a million calories a bun but they were actually quite light and fluffy – in fact The Boyfriend and I managed 3 each after a fairly hearty dinner.

So I reckon Choux Pastry could become a part of my life in the future and will keep you posted on the results. No honestly, I will. I’m back on this blogging thing. Hello? Hello? Is anyone still there?


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