Fennel, Blood Orange, Red Onion & Olive Salad

Hello. Very quick post about a recipe which isn’t even a recipe – its really just a list of nice things to eat all together. It’s quite a zingy, springy sort of salad – nice now the weather is a bit more salad-friendly.
Finely slice up a mild red onion, you could even blanch it if you thought it was going to be a little overpowering. Slice, shave or mandolin a fennel bulb into super-thin slices. Peel and de-pith a couple of blood oranges – these were Sicilian Tarocca oranges from work but any sweet blood oranges would be delicious. Then toss together in a bowl with a handful of pitted black olives (mine were chilli-flaked black olives), some lovely olive oil and a splash of white wine vinegar. 
This is yummy with just some good bread but would also be fabulous with a flavoursome fish – something like grilled mackerel would be brilliant. 

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