Pan-fried but at least there’s no foam… Salmon and broccoli with anchovy, lemon and chill

I was reading the Dos Hermanos chappie’s Guardian blog the other day – he’s put together a very funny list of the most odious foodie trends – here’s a link to it: Worst Food Trends of Decade. I agree with a lot of it – I am not a fan of the “sauce comma” either, or anything foamy or indeed Jamie’s bloody Flavour Shaker.  The comments are entertaining too – someone makes the point that the much-used terms ‘pan-fried’ and ‘oven-roasted’ are ridiculous – how else do you fry or roast if not in a pan or the oven. It’s a fair point really and it’s another example of the way that menus are now copy-written as carefully as adverts are. I remember going to a quite-posh restaurant with my boyfriend years ago where we shared a “basket of street-foods” to start with and to follow were served some kind of lamb “bathed in the jewel of gravies”. I mean, really.
Anyway, I “pan-fried” some salmon the other day – a couple of minutes on a high heat, skin-side down to make sure it goes super-crispy and then flipped it over for another minute and turned the heat off so it was finished off by the residual heat of the pan. We had it with my new best way to cook broccoli – really lightly stir-fried (is that still ok to say?) with a chopped chilli, a couple of mashed anchovies and a good squeeze of lemon juice.
I thought it was really zingy and tasty, as did my boyfriend, but when I made this for my sister over Christmas she claimed that I had managed to turn a vegetable she loved into something loathsome…Ah well, perhaps I should have served it on a slate and called it an anchovy “jus”.

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