Where are all the recipes?

I have to quietly confess that I really like Jamie Oliver. I’m one of the minority who thought his school dinners initiative was actually brilliant, I think the Fifteen project is a massively well-meaning success and I generally  like the informality of his recipes (not the ‘bish bash bosh’ business, you understand, but I’m always happy to avoid measuring ingredients).

Anyway, I’ve been watching his new American Road Trip show (I have to watch it in secret because my boyfriend hates him with an unnatural passion) and I have been enjoying it – it’s a nice, easy-watching travelogue really. But I have a problem – there are hardly any recipes. Last night’s episode contained one proper recipe and a couple of ideas.

The cynic in me suspects the reason for this is to encourage the viewing public to buy the book that goes along with the series. If that is the case, it’s actually had the opposite effect for me. Unless I have an idea of the type of dishes in the book, I am not going to commit £20 and valuable shelf space to another cookbook.

So Jamie, I will continue to buy your funny little magazine (mainly because I like the paper stock to be honest) but I’m annoyed with your American adventures.

Ah well. He’ll probably get over it.


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